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Driver for RTL818x based WLAN adapters: as an AP (master mode)

The driver now supports a basic AP mode. Basic means that the 802.11 protocol is not fully implemented. Each client may associate with open authentication method, anyway the AP doens’t care about this, it simply accepts packets from other wireless nics sending them to its BSS.

To put the driver in AP mode you should run

  iwconfig <ifacename> mode master

Then you can assign a BSS name

  iwconfig <ifacename> essid xxxxxxxxxx

and a channel

  iwconfig <ifacename> channel xx

if you wish you can also specify a key for WEP encryption.

  iwconfig <ifacename> key xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

When you bring up the interface the nic should create a BSS. You may assign an IP address to the interface if you want to simulate the connection of this AP to a wired network (via your host).

This means the hosts on the wlan might talk between themselves and with your host (trought the NIC’s ip). If you want to bridge this virtual AP to a real wired network you might use the kernel ethernet bridging.

Please consider this feature is still rough and, or experimental, it may contain some bugs, so don’t trust it too much.

Please report your success, failure and, or feedback which shall highly be appriciated; thanks!

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