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Driver for RTL818x based WLAN adapters: as a point-to-point (adhoc mode)

Since V 0.16 and initial support for ad-hoc mode is included. This is still under development, and I’m aware that it might fail.

You can put the nic in ad-hoc mode running

  iwconfig <ifname> mode ad-hoc

Then, once the nic brings up it will sets up an ad-hoc network called ‘RTL818X’. You can change the essid in the same mode as for managed mode. You may also want to change channel/freq just like you did for monitor mode.

When the nic is set to a new essid, it scans the channel to see if another cell with the same essid exists, if it exist then the nic sets to this channel and connects itself to such a cell/access-point.

If it doesnt exist the nic creates a new one. In this case the channel should be set manually.

In this initial release you have to be very gentle with ad-hoc mode.

Every time you set a new essid you might want to wait the card to complete a scan and create the IBSS before you issue other commands, in particular before changing channel.

If the nic finds the IBSS but set the channel wrongly you might correct it manually.

Furthermore i’m not sure (altought I think yes) if promisc mode still works when the nic operates in ad-hoc mode… if you try it, PLEASE report…

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