Path: ChangeLog
Last Update: Tue Jul 04 14:55:51 IST 2006

Thu Jun 29 20:18:07 UTC 2006 Balwinder S "bsd" Dheeman <bsd/AT/>

        * version: 1.0.1-b, release candidate
        * Makefiles: Made it compile for kernel versions 2.6.17.x
        * minor: many changes to directory structure

Sat Jun 03 17:35:36 UTC 2006 Balwinder S "bsd" Dheeman <bsd/AT/>

        * version: 1.0.0-b, beta released
        * CVS import: now made it available for public
        * Makefile: tiny fixups

Thu Feb 16 17:38:02 UTC 2006 Balwinder S "bsd" Dheeman <bsd/AT/>

        * version: 1.0.0-rc1, derived from Relatek's package
        * ifdown-wlan0, ifup-wlan0: added for testing and development
        * driver sources: indented, cleaned and edited but only comments;
          following /* comments */ for real comments and // for excluding
          unwanted, test and, or debug statements, also fixed some printk
        * dynamic debug system: added a debug system based on ipw's driver
          code included in ieee80211/ieee80211.h file
        * ieee80211 stack: minor corrections in debugging statements
        * Makefiles: minor fixes, experimental drivers might not be
          installed in the stable kernel lib
        * INSTALL, README, README.adhoc and README.master: have been
          updated and are almost complete now :)

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